You can find our first collection of songs to download from the series here.

The books from our series which come with CDs of amazing original music (for which Judith and I do not take any credit): Sunny, Snowy & Chinook and Foggy, will soon be sold out and the next print run won't come with CDs, so we are putting them up for you to download for free.

This is a collection of music produced by cowbell (Brady Cranfield), who is also my lovely husband. We are very grateful to him and to everyone who contributed music to the books. These songs feature lyrics and vocals by Miko Hoffman, Larissa Loyva, Nicholas Krgovich, Dan Bejar, Kathy Slade, and Chris Harris.

We'll try to put up the full CDs soon with some artwork from the books, we're just quite, extremely busy so it may take a little time.

Sun Songs

Ah, I meant to post this ages ago!

The fabulous Brady Cranfield & Kathy Slade put out a beautiful album called Sun Songs. It is all covers of songs about the sun. It's catchy! The beautiful design is by Christoph Keller. There are two of the beautiful songs from this album for you to listen to, with links below.

Brady, who goes by Cowbell sometimes, put together the CDs for Sunny, Kathy sang on the Snowy and Chinook song Snow. Also featured on these songs are Larissa Loyva, Chris Harris, John Collins and Rodney Graham. Larissa has sung some beautiful songs for us before, including The Gift that Grows on the Snowy & Chinook CD. Chris is a very talented guitarist and singer and gave us a song called Friends on the Foggy soundtrack (we're working on making it available soon).

I'll be putting up more music from the Windy books over the summer, but in the meantime here is the perfect song for summer by Cranfield & Slade: Sun. It sounds like driving somewhere breezy on a hot summer's day and it is a song the whole family will want to dance to.

We're also putting up Walking in the Sun because it's just so beautiful, makes you feel hopeful and squeezes your heart in just the right way.