Update: the shower is past and the baby is here — look at this little one.


I've been going through online knitting patterns for babies for a bunch of baby showers this year. This it the third post. The first one is here and the second one is here.


This is the pickles small & clever bonnet pattern again. There was only one tricky part which is increasing at the beginning without making a hole. I found this trick which avoids the hole. (Also, I did two extra rows on each side so that I had 47 stitches at the widest point — according to the babies around me, this seems to fit about right.)

The boots are oh baby! baby booties which I fell in love with when I saw this float past me on pinterest. It was a pretty good pattern. You could probably stripe the cuff or use up lots of scraps and it would be pretty. 

I used Alchemy Temple (yellow) and Debbie Bliss merino, bith dk for these.


ringo atelier

Ringo atelier is a creative studio, and resource, for children and their blog is lovely, too. Lots of their drawing activities have a PDF to print out and do at home. They have loads of pages to colour and develop, like this invent the fruit that goes with this leaf (below; above is Auggie's rainbow fruit), which we tried yesterday during a rainy day

and this construct a city (this one is meant to be for collage, but we painted and scribbled them)

There are also some really great projects that we haven't yet tried, like the à la manière de section, with projects inspired by the work of artists like David Hockney or Sonia Delaunay. I think the David Hockney one is perfect for July, and I will put in a little translation here (find the original project here). Observe water (in your bath, swimming pool, by the sea or edge of a lake...), in the style of painter David Hockney. Have fun trying to reproduce the waves, the reflections, the colour of the water. To do this, use watered-down paint, sponges, tissues and different papers. Look carefully at this painting of a swimming pool (below, left)

The 1 livre—1 book section has a nice library of books, too.