While I was in the produce section of the grocer's "Everywhere" by Fleetwood Mac came on. I would have stopped to listen, but just then my companion began weighing acorn squashes very enthusiastically, so it wasn't a good time to stop and stare off into space. When we got home, I immediately put it on via rdio while he went off to...? I'm not completely sure what he was up to. It involved filling up the bathroom sink with many, many things.


Rdio is sort of a large online album collection. My husband subscribed to it last month. It seemed to make him very cheerful. (It would have been a great father's day present).  We don't have the time to digitize or even organize our music collection right now. So it's a nice way to have music in the house and I like the instant gratification.

A couple of years ago, I listened to an interview with Jennifer Egan about her novel "The Goon Squad". She said that Steve Jobs, when he was giving a talk in the 80s about emerging technology, suggested that the invention of the answering machine effectively gave people increased control over time. She is interested in how our perception of time changes because of social media and technology. And it just popped into my head, because it was so easy to delay the moment of hearing that song. Image is from architekturfuerkinder.


Since we've just discontinued the penny in Canada, I thought I would be so very efficient and get rid of the little bowl of pennies that we have accumulated. We took it to the coinstar at the grocery store. Auggie picked 10 pennies to keep, this is one of them.  

The next day, we found a good activity online that uses pennies (Auggie's been home sick from school so we've been doing activities at home). Ah well, there are always the exotic American ones. This penny is about as old as me!