I love

It's only recently that the Auggie has been able to hold a conversation. We had a good year of interesting fragments, like, "Do butterflies drink milk?" or "[The song, Poor in Love by Destroyer] is a Christmas tree, a book, a banana and a rocket ship," and "[The song Dreaming by Adam & the Amethysts] is the best music of all! This is about music music. This is about [Auggie]. This is the most perfect music and I like this!".

But recently we've been getting more in depth, like, "Amazing. What is amazing?" [I explain amazing] "Like a maze? We can build a maze." Then we worked out what our mazes would look like. His is made of cement, with a cement mixer theme and has between 20-30 bingy-boingies, 10 swings for little kids and big kids and a sandbox. A bingy-boingy is what he calls those playground toys that are attached to a big spring. I have no idea what they're called, so why not bingy-boingy? It also has a tree in the middle and dead ends, which we learned about in a book on mazes at the library.

Ok, so we have a game left over from the old days that we still like. It's "I love". You say "I love" and then something you love. It is a good game. So, here's one: I love opening the mailbox and finding a pretty postcard inside.