yellow is magic

 This morning, Auggie told us that yellow is magic. I think he's right.

Some notes on thanksgiving menus to my future self:

I am still on the hunt for the right Thanksgiving tradition for our family — it's too warm on the west coast at this time of year for a heavy turkey dinner. I like the idea of a Harvest Festival sort of supper, fresh produce, mushrooms, chestnuts, corn and that sort of thing. Ideally, a mostly vegetarian menu. These are some ideas I've collected this year: chestnut & pear and/or pumpkin & goat cheese ravioli with a basil cream sauce and a fennel orange salad; homemade pirogues; dim sum at a restaurant.

I tried a vegetarian shepherd's pie this year, but despite putting a bottle and a half of wine in it, I found it only medium good. Try, try again.

Also: pickled beetroot is really good with turkey in a bread and butter sandwich. Maybe better than cranberry sauce or at least a nice change.

More ideas for thanksgiving: thanksgiving brunch since there are loads of berries and fruits at this time of year. Pumpkin waffles, whipped cream, warm berry syrup. Humm.