hutsul monograms

These is my monogram and auggie's monogram set in hutsulyandia 2D from you work for them


This is a dingbat font family is made up of folk ornaments found on Hutsul ceramics of the mid 19th to early 20th centuries. Hutsulshchyna is an ethnic region in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains where folk art and indigenous culture have been preserved. I like this part of their write up: "The font cheers up and evokes positive emotions."


doll apron pattern

I put up a pattern and tutorial for a doll apron with pockets up on the Windy blog today.


Little Quick began developing another series last year called Sixes & Sevens with Leah Mallen of the great documentary Coast Modern as well as our little Foggy film. We've paused in development to take care of some new Windy business. These aprons were part of the project.

The Sixes & Sevens dolls are in storage, so I used the sweater pigs as models. If you'd like to make one, you can use this template. I used pieces of an old sweater rather a glove.