November: Butter in the Buttercups

Today, as part of our November week, a poem from from Butter in the Buttercups, 1980, by Stella Browning.

Winter-Green Palette
(Mix Buttercup Yellow with Winter-green...)

We will mix the colours of our paintbox
Like Woodland days of Summer's rainbow hue,
Just as BUTTERCUP the yellow toadflax
Dies the mellow field with scabious blue

Violets — harebells, yellow St. John's wort
Lie between the seeds of couchgrass green
Where cow parsley's skeleton: her tall foot
Mixes palette to Winter's colour scheme!

These spangled leaves rest now in moss and seam
The yarrow leaf. Deep wood anenome —
The quiet sorrell seed; pink mallow leaf,
In speedwell dwarfed without her bloom and gnome
Of ale-hoof, ground-ivy locks in sheaf
Whispered rise in Spring mix yellow with leaf....

The winter leaves and skeletons were picked by the children for those which remain green throughout the winter


Little Mouse in gray velvet,
Have you had a cheese-breakfast?
There are no crumbs on your coat,
Did you use a napkin?
I wonder what you had to eat,
And who dresses you in gray velvet?
Hilda Conkling
Poems by a Little Girl, 1920

Other books by Hilda Conkling:
Shoes of the Wind, 1922
Silverhorn, 1924
Silver Pennies (Anthology), 1925
Sing a Song of Popcorn (Anthology), 1988

(Mouse knit from a pattern by Ysolda Teague.)