Marine alphabet (& a free printable poster)

From the Windy blog — Foggy & Cloud demonstrate the International Marine Alphabet (also known as flag semaphore). You can learn more about semaphore from Arthur Ransome's Winter Holiday or read this excellent student project by Susan Laflin.

You may download and print this mini-poster to help you with your messages. This is taken from the inside dust-jacket of Foggy.

(I made an extra colourway for fun, so you can download the blue one here and the yellow poster here). As usual, all rights from the Windy series reserved © Judith and Robin. Happy signaling.

Windy snapshot

Looking at the bright circles from Sharilyn and Adelaide's sunshine collage made me nostalgic for our first book I did with Judith, Windy. During the shoot Judith took this snapshot. I don't think we'd even finished dressing the set. Even though it wasn't suitable for the book, I loved it and had it pinned above my desk for months (you can still see the hole from the pin in this scan).

Though Windy was set in the autumn, this image is very spring-like and fresh, as if Windy is just about to wake up...which she probably is....