I've always been more of a vegetable person than a fruit person. I love apples — I like drawing them, I like the way they smell (apple shampoo!) and even really like the word apple — my notebooks are full of apples. However, I have a bad habit of buying them and not eating them. I like them in things, like salad or soup or sandwiches. But I'm never been one of those people that walks around munching on one absent-mindedly (I have these people on a bit of a pedestal, along with people who drink black coffee and will eat the core of a pear along with the fruit). But a honeycrisp apple, it is a whole new world.

alpenhorn & bhangra

I've just been going through baby pictures and found this one, which was taken by Rick Collins Photography. It's from a beautiful wedding we went to last year. The wedding album is online, however, I am not sure of the etiquette of putting other people's wedding photos on your blog :) So, I'm going to not put any photos with clear faces. However, they are gorgeous sorts of people.

At the wedding reception there was an alpenhorn player who was joined by a bhangra player to announce the couple. It was as amazing as it sounds.

welcome to the jungle

Well, welcome to the conservatory. But it doesn't have the same ring to it :)

Theere was a party being photographed near the fountain — the lady had a magenta and red sari and the man a deep red turban. It looked so amazingly electric in the cold Pacific light, with the white fountain and fall leaves behind them. I really had to hold myself back from running over and taking pictures. Only extreme canadian politeness prevented it.


We've been fighting various colds and bugs this week. There is one good thing about being sick, it slows you down. I do some of my best thinking with a cold. Anyway, this cat came home from school to cheer us all up.

I am trying to learn continental knitting, so it's non-stop garter stitch until I get the hang of it. Everyone says it's faster.

Auggie has just brought me a piece of green felt, 2 shells, 3 coins, a plastic wheel a dump truck and a plastic moose. I have to go!

milk ice cream + cornflakes

When Auggie was midway through his second week of preschool, I picked him up from school and found him to be in the grouchiest, complain-ingest mood. So I tried spoiling him. We visited Aberdeen centre, bought a $2 yellow tractor trailer from Daiso and then had ice cream from mazazu crepe. If you order the milk flavour ice cream in a cup, it comes with cornflakes on the bottom. I don't know exactly why that's so exciting, but it really is.

Augs is telling me that it's cold and creamy and crunchy. Sweet, too. That's a lot of sugar. So...

...a lot of dancing around the fountain. Then a very sudden nap. And lasting happiness for the rest of the week. I think he just needed a little party time. (By the way, he's dancing to Footloose and also various Elvis songs — all of which he's convinced are about tractor trailers).