Homemade tiger

Auggie decided to be a tiger this August for Halloween. I kept an eye out for a good costume, but we didn't come across anything we liked. So we decided to do an old-fashioned homemade costume. I miss homemade costumes, they're not that common in our neighbourhood.

We couldn't find tiger fun fur at the nearby fabric store. In the end we covered his old rubber boots with fabric from a couple of fuzzy pencil cases from the dollar store and some scraps of black felt. Then we sewed a tail onto some black pants and a felt bib onto an old black sweatshirt. There was a cute tiger mask at the dollar store, too.

This year, I tried face painting. It's much easier with oil-based paint, but not so good for small children, because it wipes off immediately. So, I bought some water-soluble Caran D'Ache crayons. They are pretty great. We use them as crayons, but you can also wet them to use as a non-toxic face paint. It stayed on all day. It was tricky to get a clean line, but we had so much fun with it that I think it's something we'll use again for dress-up. Using the wet crayons directly on the face was really hard to manage. Using a make-up brush and a sponge helped and was also quite tickle-y, apparently.