Harumi Kurihara writes Japanese cookbooks with simple, homey recipes.

Here is a recipe adapted from her book, Harumi's Home Cooking, that is easy and surprising and we love it: it is soy sauce + balsamic vinegar + basil. It's a nice winter/spring sort of dish.


2 T soy sauce
1 T balsamic vinegar
1 clove garlic, sliced


take 1lb boneless chicken thighs, skin on, cut into bite size pieces. Add to marinade, let sit 15–30 min.

meanwhile, roughly chop up half a green cabbage (or a couple handfuls brussels sprouts work well, too), set aside.

fry up chicken with a little vegetable oil until nice and brown, set aside.

in a new pan* with some butter, sautee cabbage. season with salt and pepper.

place cabbage in serving dish, top with chicken and some fresh basil. serve with Japanese rice.

*after the chicken is cooked and set aside we often use the same pan for the cabbage — it tastes good, just doesn't look as nice —and the cabbage soaks up the remainder of the cooked marinade.

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