Lucky day

I picked up a little clay flowerpot for Auggie at the $2 store. When we went to the garden centre, we visited the shade area, as our balcony is pretty shady. I told him he could choose a small plant to put in his pot. I was prepared to accept any plant when I offered, even one I don't much like (like geraniums), but then he picked this one.

It is an oxalis adenophylla, or a sorrel shamrock.

It's so pretty. Its stems are pink and today the first bud of a pink flower appeared.

This is my second happy shopping trip with the Augs. The last one was a trip to Ikea. I would pick up a couple of things and say, "hmm, which one do you think?", conversationally. I didn't expect a real answer. But each time he would look at the items very seriously for a moment, then point to one and say, "that one," very decisively. It was one of the first times he really seemed not a baby anymore and we had fun looking at all the different things. We weren't in a hurry. Then we went upstairs and shared a princess cake and bought a little train ("it's the SkyTrain") and a massive dragon puppet from the sale bin. The dragon was given the name Pedhammer and they had many conversations about vehicles and what dragons like to eat on the way home  — a perfect afternoon, in other words. Who knows if he will enjoy shopping with me as he grows older, so I appreciated it. I enjoy his company and we laugh a lot when it's just the two of us. I was going to put in a picture of the Ikea train, but instead, this is one of the many little vehicles working away in our garden this week.