Blue sky

We shouldn't have gone out for ice cream after dinner because it was almost bedtime, but we did, and it was a happy downtown summer evening. Lots of running and laughing on the way there and (luckily) on the way home. It's a good feeling when you're little to feel you've sneaked into the big outside world that's going on after bedtime. 


^ Blue Sky (marshmallow flavour) and Coconut: "these are my best flavours". Grapefruit and Pistachio for me (they are my best flavours). I love that melon-y grapefruit colour and want it on my nails, linen and around me, generally — it's very soothing and the colour of contentment, to me.


We watched people choosing their flavours and guessed what they were, based on their colour. Generally, for sweet things, Auggie thinks that red is Apple, pink is Rose and green is Mint. As a flavour scheme, I like it much better than Cherry, Strawberry and Lime. 

He used to always ask for green lollipops because he thought they tasted like roses.