Friday is my day to catch up on everything. It's misty and grey out which is very relaxing and good for getting work done. This is my coffee break.

First thing, the postman came to deliver a Groke for the Aug's birthday ( I really like the policeman and Hattifatteners that they have there, were it my birthday ^_^). The party theme is Moomin and his favourite character is the Groke right now, replacing Little My.

Tidying up, found a scrap piece of paper stuck under some painting we were doing yesterday.

We've started dressing the table every night, finding little flowers and leaves before dinner for the centrepiece. Recently, we've made dinnertime more structured  and this little ritual has been helpful. It's been going pretty well, unless we have company, in which case it all falls apart.

Accidentally heard Michael Jackson's Human Nature today, one of my favourite songs when I was 9. It is a perfect soundtrack to a grey day with roses. By the way, if you are looking for some beach reading, On Michael Jackson, by Margo Jefferson, an "incisive, and bracing work of cultural analysis [by the] Pulitzer-prize-winning critic for the New York Times" is perfect and lovely. Not too complex to read in the sun, but meaningful enough to be worth the time. It's not a celebrity biography, but uses Michael Jackson's career over several decades to consider different aspects of pop culture and also child development. The book cover is plain silver type on a white background, which was  a smart choice by the designer.