Marimekko notes

melooni, 1963

I think of Marimekko as being a very well-known studio, but my students are often unfamiliar with it. I found an old copy of petit glam in a sale bin with a beautiful marimekko feature with some pretty, classic prints and thought I would put in a few notes from it. Maybe I should do this with all magazines so I can happily throw them away!

ilo, 1981 (This was my childhood tablecloth. Or it was an Ikea knockoff — nostalgic)

bo boo, 1975

"[Bo boo designer] Katsuji Wakisaka's relationship to colour was emotional; first came the material, then the pattern, and finally the colour." —Phenomenon Marimekko

kivet, 1956


kaivo, 1964

unikko, 1965

"Fujiwo Ishimoto thinks young people will continue to be drawn to Maija's designs [such as melooni because] they are so light, so happy — there is no shadow. As you get older you cannot design this way anymore. At this point in my life, I am more interested in exploring the shadow in design."