We spent our family vacation on pretty little Hornby island. The beaches were warm and sheltered and there was nothing to do but act like cavemen. That is, we collected rocks, threw rocks into the water and skipped rocks. Every day we would swim, lie around on hot sand, and draw in the wet sand. The little rocky beach near our cabin was full of crickets, sandpipers, little crabs and rockpools and, as we were in a heatwave, the water was warm even in the evening.

Starfish by the dock.

On our best day we hunted for shells on a wide shallow, sandy beach and found we were walking through a bank of live sea dollars. On our worst day, we all needed a snack.

A sand dollar shell that made it home,

and one that didn't.

Nesting pebble, one of our best rock treasures. One of us also found a rock that looks exactly like a potato and was quite excited about it. We are so happy to be home in the city, though, since we caught summer by the tail.