mint ricotta frittata

You know when you have a handful of things in your fridge and you google them to see if there's a good recipe to use them up? I did that yesterday and found: baked ricotta frittata with fresh mint. I had 7 eggs, and exactly 1 cup of ricotta and 3 tablespoons worth of fresh mint. It was like winning a tiny little lottery. I put in some purple potatoes we had leftover from some salad, too.  I used up all the odds and ends in the fridge! It's so, so satisfying to use up things. 

We had it with spinach and tarragon salad and chili oil. Auggie helped me make it — it's a good kid recipe. But he didn't want to try eating it. Oh well. 

I'm a bit crazy about purple potatoes and a bit less crazy about tarragon. We've had it four times this week and that's really enough. Although it's good with mint, actually.