milk ice cream + cornflakes

When Auggie was midway through his second week of preschool, I picked him up from school and found him to be in the grouchiest, complain-ingest mood. So I tried spoiling him. We visited Aberdeen centre, bought a $2 yellow tractor trailer from Daiso and then had ice cream from mazazu crepe. If you order the milk flavour ice cream in a cup, it comes with cornflakes on the bottom. I don't know exactly why that's so exciting, but it really is.

Augs is telling me that it's cold and creamy and crunchy. Sweet, too. That's a lot of sugar. So...

...a lot of dancing around the fountain. Then a very sudden nap. And lasting happiness for the rest of the week. I think he just needed a little party time. (By the way, he's dancing to Footloose and also various Elvis songs — all of which he's convinced are about tractor trailers).