flatbread & egg pizza

This is an idea taken from the kitchen counter cooking school: flatbread and egg pizza. Spread olive oil on flatbread, crack an egg on top. Add in leftovers. Top with a little cheese, salt and pepper + any herbs or spices. Bake at 350 C until the egg is set. We're going to keep some frozen flatbread in the freezer from now on for this. I think it's about 3 minutes of prep + 10–20 minutes cook time.

One of the themes I really enjoyed in the kitchen counter cooking school was avoiding food waste. I always feel badly throwing out food. I find it helps to buy less food so I can see what I have in the fridge. But then, there's also finding ways to use up leftovers. Doing up a kitchen-sink omelette is ok, but I really only need a few omelettes and frittata a year — I'm not crazy about them.

For this pizza I baked a couple of slices of bacon and some plain broccoli in the oven until the bacon was golden brown — then I stirred it up to coat the broccoli. I put a little olive oil on 2 pieces of frozen naan, cracked an egg on top of each one. Added in the baked broccoli and bacon on top and a little parmesan, coarse salt and pepper.  I think this would be amazing with fresh mozzarella or feta and leftover pasta sauce — I love tomatoes and eggs.