While I was in the produce section of the grocer's "Everywhere" by Fleetwood Mac came on. I would have stopped to listen, but just then my companion began weighing acorn squashes very enthusiastically, so it wasn't a good time to stop and stare off into space. When we got home, I immediately put it on via rdio while he went off to...? I'm not completely sure what he was up to. It involved filling up the bathroom sink with many, many things.


Rdio is sort of a large online album collection. My husband subscribed to it last month. It seemed to make him very cheerful. (It would have been a great father's day present).  We don't have the time to digitize or even organize our music collection right now. So it's a nice way to have music in the house and I like the instant gratification.

A couple of years ago, I listened to an interview with Jennifer Egan about her novel "The Goon Squad". She said that Steve Jobs, when he was giving a talk in the 80s about emerging technology, suggested that the invention of the answering machine effectively gave people increased control over time. She is interested in how our perception of time changes because of social media and technology. And it just popped into my head, because it was so easy to delay the moment of hearing that song. Image is from architekturfuerkinder.

y.n. rich kids

I miss summer.

The Y.N. Rich Kids are a group that came out of the the North Community Beats and Rhymes program started by the Minneapolis YMCA. They help kids make music when they keep up with their homework. This song was so good (it is super fantastic) that a local professional photography studio stepped in and made them a video.

It would have been just as great with lower production values, but I bet it made the kids feel amazing, and it brought a lot of attention to their program.

You can buy this track by the y.n. rich kids for $1. You can also see the video on youtube.

...i'm ridin around on my bicycle, ridin' around on my bicycle 
pull up to the studio cuz you know that the kid be meltin' them microphones 

La lune est libre

La lune est libre je crois
qui rayonne au-dessous
rayonne au-d'sus des toits.

La lune est libre,
bien plus qu'on ne le croit
elle fluctue de ça et là,
les parties qu'on ne voit pas,
c'est pas grave ça reviendra
et quand elle est plongée
dans la froide obscurité,
donne l'impression qu'elle se noie,
bien vite reprend pied,
avec ses apparences instables
y en a qu'elle fait douter
bien plus fidèle qu'on ne le croit,
La lune est libre.

(image pinned via shadesofscarlet)


You can find our first collection of songs to download from the series here.

The books from our series which come with CDs of amazing original music (for which Judith and I do not take any credit): Sunny, Snowy & Chinook and Foggy, will soon be sold out and the next print run won't come with CDs, so we are putting them up for you to download for free.

This is a collection of music produced by cowbell (Brady Cranfield), who is also my lovely husband. We are very grateful to him and to everyone who contributed music to the books. These songs feature lyrics and vocals by Miko Hoffman, Larissa Loyva, Nicholas Krgovich, Dan Bejar, Kathy Slade, and Chris Harris.

We'll try to put up the full CDs soon with some artwork from the books, we're just quite, extremely busy so it may take a little time.

Sun Songs

Ah, I meant to post this ages ago!

The fabulous Brady Cranfield & Kathy Slade put out a beautiful album called Sun Songs. It is all covers of songs about the sun. It's catchy! The beautiful design is by Christoph Keller. There are two of the beautiful songs from this album for you to listen to, with links below.

Brady, who goes by Cowbell sometimes, put together the CDs for Sunny, Kathy sang on the Snowy and Chinook song Snow. Also featured on these songs are Larissa Loyva, Chris Harris, John Collins and Rodney Graham. Larissa has sung some beautiful songs for us before, including The Gift that Grows on the Snowy & Chinook CD. Chris is a very talented guitarist and singer and gave us a song called Friends on the Foggy soundtrack (we're working on making it available soon).

I'll be putting up more music from the Windy books over the summer, but in the meantime here is the perfect song for summer by Cranfield & Slade: Sun. It sounds like driving somewhere breezy on a hot summer's day and it is a song the whole family will want to dance to.

We're also putting up Walking in the Sun because it's just so beautiful, makes you feel hopeful and squeezes your heart in just the right way.